Traditional Media Platform Merchandise

Traditional Media Platform Merchandise

In the photo is the official 1995 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament Final Four media guide. In this media guide you will find team rosters, coaches bio, previous NCAA winners, etc.


Media Properties & Revenue Generation





Media Properties & Revenue Generation

By Francis J. Stephens

Sports Media

RaeLynn McAfee, Instructor

July 13, 2013



University of Akron Men’s’ Soccer Program

                                                       Social Media Platform


            The platform I have chosen to discuss is Social Media.  Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, RSS Feeds, Instagram, etc. have become major platforms of outlets sport teams can use to get in touch with their fans.  The University of Akron men’s soccer team has shown major success over the last 15 years as the best Division I college program in the country with back-to-back Final Four appearances (2009 and 2010) and a National Championship in 2010; they have dominated their conference the Mid-American Conference (MAC) for years winning 16-regular season championships (including 9 in a row) and 9 MAC Tournament championships.  Akron also held the longest home-winning streak in the nation until 2011 with 48 wins (including 4 ties), no losses.

            There are so many ways to stay connected with all college sports (NCAA Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, etc.) but Akron has created their 2 main outlets to stay informed on all games, player updates, coaches’ shows’ and those outlets are Facebook and Twitter.  With these two major social media giants you can always be connected to the program from anywhere in the world.

            With these social media platforms…revenue can be gained within the University and Athletic department.  One of big revenue builders from the social media platforms is a Game/Ticket sale.  Akron men’s soccer has been one of the leaders for attendance in the country…nearly averaging 3,000 spectators a match, recently in 2011 Akron recorded one of the biggest crowds in the country with 4,301 spectators attending the New Mexico match in Akron.  Being able to connect and notifying not only fans but other soccer organizations throughout the Northern part of Ohio has been able to produce mass numbers and revenue for the program which their stadium now the newly renovated FirstEnergy Cub Cadet Stadium.  With the money they revenue over the last 5 years, Akron’s men’s program has been able to expand their stadium.

            Another big revenue builder for the athletic department is apparel sales for the men’s soccer program.  One of the hot products that you see on the social media platforms is an Akron Soccer scarf.  After their first ever National Championship in 2010, sales of the scarf went through the roof and the athletic department has continued to manufacture and sell the product for their fan base.

            And finally a big revenue builder for the program and the university is offering individual and team camps in the winter and summer for young athletes throughout the country on their social media platform.  With offering these camps it gives the athletic department an opportunity to market and present their world-class athletic facilities and updated academic facilities for future Zips.  As for the soccer program, players and high school-level teams get a chance to train and play games with instruction from one of the best coaching staffs and players in the country.  A big revenue camp is their player ID camp in December they hold in the indoor facility.  Invites or walk-ups have a chance to display their abilities in front of many college coaches throughout Ohio and the eastern-part of the country.  Being able to be connected with the program on social media platforms young athletes and fans are able to know about great opportunities and updates whenever they are breaking.

            Akron Soccer has always been a great program filled with rich tradition and fantastic players coming in and out and being dominant over their time as a Zip; the program has skyrocketed over the years with them being able to connect with the world.  Not only are their fans from the University of Akron, but also they have fans wherever they go nationally or globally.